1940 Ford Pick-Up (SOLD)

My 1940 Ford Pick up ….Bought originally from Chippy Aitkinson in 1998 and stood for 2 years at Ivor Pringle’s shop. This rare for South Africa pickup was built by Gerrie, an excellent old school panelbeater and Kyle at Fast Eddie’s  . The chassis was extensively modified to accommodate the massive rear Mickeys. Rear wheels widened by Cedric saffy. The body was beaten the old fashioned way and approx 40kgs of lead was used…NO BONDO..!! This build had the hood tweaked tighter, all the handles shaved and the bin lifter is a hydraulic 12 volt gate actuator. It has the largest Mickey Thompson street legal tyres on the back. These are tucked under the one piece load bin. This system has a dual purpose .One is for show and the other, a practical application when to change a flat. It has Auto Meter gauges fitted as well . An electric Opel Monza steering pump was fitted to ease turning. Full black 3 series BMW seats were used.The colour used was a flip flop Monza Red by Standox, which flips to red/pink in certain light