1954 Beetle

Project Oval/Split Beetle.
Still in 2 minds whether to do oval or split. I have been inspired by both Fred from Northern Bolt & Tool and Garin from Volkspares. They are both very knowledgeable about early Beetles and have kindly showered me with advice.
This ’54  donor shell, bought from Ernest and Salvatore (Classic VW) in an advanced state of rust, was sent to Marius Raaths for sand blasting and primering.
A Scat 2332-1 Long Block Volksracer crate motor (2332cc) was imported and is currently being built by master-builder Peter Jackson from Bredell. Will produce approx 200 HP. A high-flow Porsche fan add-on kit was purchased from Bernie Bergmann while visiting him in California in 2017. Lowered spindles, a front disc conversion kit as well as strong gearbox & diff components were also acquired while in the States. This project will have Fuchs wheels. This DUB will not be an original restoration but a resto-rod Beetle with the latest internals and mods.