1974 Chev El Camino (Holden)

My unique “El Caprice”

This iconic South African El Camino bakkie (Aussie Holden UTE), built in 1999, has now been refurbed & resprayed.

It was modified & customized with another uniquely South African variant ! We joined a 1978 Caprice Classic front end, the double headlight configuration and bonnet (hood) to the ’74 Elky. These parts were adapted and made to fit. We omitted the upright over-riders on the front bumpers to give it a smoother look. This set of bumpers has been de-chromed and colour matched as well. It also has the deluxe Caprice Classic dash custom fitted.

A handcrafted console has been specially made and covered with grey leather and matches the 1995 3-series BMW leather bucket seats. This replaces the stock, outdated bench seat. A rare rear sliding/opening back glass was also retro-fitted. Instead of using the stock rear view mirrors, we opted for mirrors from a 1980 Corvette.

The stock straight six engine has been replaced with a SBC, (built by the late Dave Corbett) and married to a 350 Turbo auto-tranny. The motor has been beefed up with a Comp-Cams Thumpr cam (227/241) and has SRP dome top pistons. This fail-safe combo is under the hood and is sprayed Chevy orange.

The original flame spray job was bubbling and peeling so badly, it became too unsightly to drive. To rectify the expensive, failed paint issue, It had to be sanded down to bare metal, properly prepared this time and start ALL over again.

Its been resprayed a self-mixed custom purple/blue colour.

The stainless steel exhausts were done by Tommy from TNT and it burbles beautifully. The previous set of ’93 Camaro wheels (Salad Shooters) have been refitted and used again. A new set of rear shocks have also been fitted as the old ones were a little tired and sagging. The pick-up bed had to be modified and tubbed to make enough space for the larger rear tyres. (It gives this truck a mean no-nonsense stance.)

This HOT street-machine has stood for approx 22 years and is now, gratefully, up and running again.