1974 Chev K20 4x4

My 1974 Chev K20 4×4 MONTSTER  ( Monster energy drink, font/script)

The old Turbo-Thrift inline 6 was replaced with a 350 Chev engine and a 400R auto gearbox married to a ‘bullet proof’ NP 208 transfer case (this case has the gear drive NOT the NP 205 standard chain version.) The truck body has been lifted by 4 inches.

A lift kit was imported from Rough Country 4×4. The Pitman arm conversion to RHD was problematic, as well as the tie-rods being a major issue. (Both these components were made for LHD’s and were inverted).

This badly rusted 4×4 truck was originally a long wheel base chassis and was changed to a short wheel base setup with a short bin. Every part was sand-blasted, rust repaired, boxed & beefed-up, primered and sprayed PWD brown

Various C10’s were found & bought. These cabs, body parts & bins were mixed and matched to get the final build done. A second fuel tank was sourced and fitted for extra distance reliability.

The one-off, roof-rack /light bar combo was custom-made by Barry van Niekerk as well as the roll bar in the bin. The unique front bull-bar was made by yours truly. The side grab handles are from a shower/bathroom supplier. A spot/working light from a Nissan forklift was also fitted to the rear of the light bar. A windshield sun shade was also fitted. Two rock-crawler side bars were also custom made and fitted. (they double as a step-up)

Bern van Gass remodeled and changed the South African standard taillights to the US ‘corner’ version. It has folding steps, one mounted on the rear, for easier access to the high bin and the other to the front, for engine bay access. Both from Land Rover Defenders.

We used the outer tonneau-cover mounting bars from a local Ford Ranger and refitted these two, to the inside of the K20 bin, which makes for a neater look with more mooring and flexible tie down points.

This go-anywhere truck was on BFGoodrich 33×12.5×15 AT’s rubber before and is now rolling on Yokohama Geolander 40×13.50 R17 off-road tyres on 8 lug steel wheels. These balloons are NOT available in South Africa and had to be imported at great cost.

The detailed camouflage airbrush final finish was done by hand, no stickers/decals or computer stencils used. George Hunt once again came to the party. Even the interior has also been airbrushed camo. The seats and door panels are upholstered in camouflage material as well.

The truck has a hand made auxiliary fuel tank made by Barry van Niekerk in the shape of a aircraft bomb. It has been painted ‘Milspec’ olive green and the custom artwork was hand painted (no decals or stickers) by Johan Locke. The detail is something to see!

This K20 pick-up was also damaged in 2016 from a severe hail storm when girders collapsed on it.

It is also being repaired and is a work in progress!