1976 VW Beetle

This 1976 Beetle found by chance in Midrand, has minimal rust.

The only changes made to this bug are the ‘El Cheapo‘ aftermarket mirrors, VW Polo Vivo GT seats refitted front and back and custom running boards made from perforated sheet metal. The whole car has been cleaned up, with the bottom of the pan being scraped to bare metal and painted with black oxide etch primer and stone chipped. A fresh set of front and rear turn-signal lenses have replaced the cracked old ones.  The stock exhaust system is totally rusted through and has been replaced with new set of 4 into 1 pipes. We have upgraded the old point ignition system with a new style Petronix set. The whole interior, including the front trunk has been scraped to bare metal and has been given a fresh coat of paint.  Fresh carpets ( made by Mark from Steeledale) were laid throughout.