1983 Chev G30 A-Team van

My 1983 G30 Chevy Van has Audi A3 grey leather bucket front seats refitted for added driving comfort.

We installed two extra side windows and a bench seat for three, in the back. The whole bed floor has aluminium checker board laid down and the side panels are carpeted.

Its running a mild 350 Chevy engine with a 3-speed, 400R auto gearbox. It also has 2 fuel tanks either side underneath for further mileage reliability.

This van was originally white, then changed to matt black. It has now been resprayed gloss black this time.

We decided include the iconic A-Team red stripe and the A-Team logo. The original ‘KEEP ON TRUCKIN’ airbrush work, that was done by George Hunt has been retained and sprayed over with clear paint. A windshield sun visor was imported from the US and fitted to give it a slicker look.

We have lifted the whole van up, by installing lift-blocks in the rear and extending the springs in the front. This raised the whole vehicle by approximately 3 inches. We changed the ‘Fan-Star Style’ wheels and smaller tyre setup to a larger Off Road tyre size. We fitted 33×12.5×15 BF Goodrich tyres on red painted, 8-lug steel wheels, to give it the ‘grunter look’ we were after.

This G30 was badly damaged during a devastating hail storm in 2016 when my garage roof collapsed and a twisted girder completely wrecked the van’s roof and sliding door.

The repair so far has been a MAJOR undertaking.

A rear step ladder, to access the top of the roof, was imported and is being modified to fit. We are manufacturing a custom A-Team style rear-wing currently.

This ‘A-Team’ Van is not meant to be a clone or a copy of the famous TV series van, but a slightly ‘LIFTED’ variation on the theme.

It is currently being refurbed. This rebuild is still not complete.