1994 Chev Blazer (SOLD)

1994 Chev Blazer 4×4. 

This K1500 2-door full size truck has a rear opening glass door and tailgate.

It has a strong 454 ci engine, custom-fitted by Jacques Viljoen.  It comes to life with a rare/uncommon Offenhauser intake manifold and an Edelbrock 600cfm carb and is topped with a K&N Xtreme airflow filter.  The Big Block has been married to a 700R4 Auto gearbox and a NP-205 transfer case. The custom exhaust system was done by Tom Botes jnr. from TNT.  It has various trick & unique aluminum covers & bottles in the engine bay (made by Barry van Niekerk), just to notch it up a level.  Bern van Gass has made a unique fiberglass cover for our Optima battery as well.

The recessed headlights and turn signals, behind a Stylin-Trucks imported grille & bumper kit, was originally fitted & modified for me by Eddie’s Fast-Cars. 

We have now beefed the grille up as it was cracking in poorly fabricated areas as well breaking into pieces because of shoddily made brackets when the headlights & turn signals were moved backwards by Eddie’s team. The front bumper and some accessories were also never properly prepared nor primered and were sprayed an odd BMW metallic black on bare metal. It has been rusting & flaking quite extensively.  These have been refurbed and resprayed the exact gloss black, as they were never matched to the existing colour. The whole underside & frame has been sanded to bare metal and red-oxided.  It has now been stone-chipped black.

It runs on Mickey Thompson Classic III wheels with B.F.Goodrich 275/70/16 tires, tucked in under LMC-Truck sourced, wider-wheel arches. Custom-built  rock-sliders / side-steps have been fitted and sprayed black.  An Xtreme 52” LED lightbar is fitted on a modified Thule roof-rack.  A 22” LED has been installed behind the grille in the front bumper gap, as well as a Lumeno 54” curved LED lightbar just above the front windshield. There is definitely enough candle-power now !!!  The taillights have been blacked out for a smoother look.

I have imported a 6” lift kit for it as well, but to date, am in two minds whether to fit it or not.

It always turns heads, as a lot of people conjure up ideas that it looks like a US Secret Service or a F.B.I. Vehicle !!