The Long Story Short.

If  I have to pinpoint a stage in my life when my passion for American Hot Rods was born, I would have to say it was the day I was sitting next to a buddy in high school who was drawing fabulous caricatures of pimped out automotive creations with outrageous big wheels in his Latin work book!!  The look of these “Ed Roth-like cartoons” resonated deeply with me and right then and there swore to myself that I would build my own real-life hotrod someday in the future.

From that day on, I was fascinated by cars and motorbikes, attending all types of races and car shows – whether high speed track racing, sprints, off-road, car rallys, drags, motocross, you name it, I was there!!  Hollywood movies about cars, trucks, bikes and races also played a major role in my inspiration !!

My first serious project, at the age of about 14, was restoring an AJS Single 500 motorbike, which had to be done in secret at a friend’s house, as my father was totally against bikes because of injuries sustained from racing Speedway bikes himself.  Unfortunately, I only kept that bike for a very short time, as it was pretty difficult to only ride it over weekends – while keeping an eye out for my dad!  Since then, I have bought and sold many different makes and types of bikes, but Harleys have a special place in my heart.

As much as I love all cars, restoring classics has never rung my bell. Hotrods were so much more rebellious – making old cars faster, flashier, somehow sexier than the original design was my infatuation … and American cars have always been my preference! An American Horse (Horsepower), in my mind has always been bigger, better and more muscle than any other breed.

Since those early days at high school and university, I have completed various car and bike projects and sold a few of them along the way – something I have regretted in hindsight. Now I am simply unable to part with any of my babies.

In 1994 I met Ivor Pringle when he was building aftermarket Willys Jeep fibreglass bodies . He showed me his dream car, in various bits and pieces. It was a Ford ’34 3-window coupe, just like Eliminator, the ZZ-Top car….. That was it, I was blown away. After that, there was no stopping me.

Another fascination I have had since an early age is the pinball machine. Pinballs were banned at one stage in South Africa, but you could always find one in the back room of the corner Café. This was another pastime that was outlawed by dad, which obviously made the allure even greater.  Playing pinny EVERYDAY after school was much more fun than doing homework.

I have slowly but surely built up my collection over the years. Due to lack of space in my home, I have built a dedicated pinball room which affords family and friends many hours of fun.

This website is simply a showcase to share my passion with like-minded enthusiasts. I hope it gives you as much pleasure as I have had building and collecting my wheeled and pinned treasures!

My latest craze is the VW Beetle …….. watch this space!!