Pinball collection and gallery

My dedicated pinball area is painted matt-black with various UV strip-lights to make the den into a look-alike arcade.  My collection includes over 20 SS machines,  6 of which are in the TOP-10.  (idpd database) and 3 EM’s.  I have a 500-in-1 Video machine,  a vintage One Arm Bandit (still coin operated) and a genuine Gallardo ‘Foos-ball’ soccer table. The walls are also decorated with numerous framed pinball machine backglasses , various pinball-related neons, metal signs, pinball posters and flyers from the USA….These little gems have been collected and hoarded over many years and not always with the full approval of the wife. 

In the den there is also a Wurlitzer-style jukebox that is converted to play CD’s and has the water bubble tube feature. A matching Wurlitzer thick pile carpet was custom-woven and this little cherry-on-the-top was bought from Jacques Viljoen and finishes the floor area off beautifully.

It has been a life-long, passionate journey finding and restoring my pinnys. They have luckily escalated in value over the years and are still not-for-sale.  My 1st machine, my Magnotron (bought 1977) has moved with me & my family over 11 times and is still with me, here in my HAPPY ROOM !!